03 July, 2024
Aw 24 - it’s a good day

AW24 - It’s a good day

It is the time of the year. The sun gets replaced by dark clouds arriving from the south-west. The temperature is dropping. 

People are starting to get nervous again. The boredom of the previous period is over. Being on your bicycle, driving against 40 knots of wind often accompanied by showers, will feel like a free work out again. 

Finally the swim shorts and bikinis can be stored to be be replaced by a thick layer of smooth silky rubber. A warmth and cosiness that wraps around the body like a tight blanket. 

It’s a good day.

The Inspiration

 AW24 is all about the contrasting feelings we experience. The surf gets good when the weather is bad, and the city lifestyle turns bad when autumn starts. While most people eagerly await the arrival of summer, we can’t wait for autumn to hit and the surf to come.

The Implements - Fabrics, Materials & Textures 

This season, we bring the widest variety in fabrics to date, focusing on reinterpreted classics with our signature branding and clean, new, comfortable silhouettes. Multiple wools, from heavy coats to fine wool suiting, stand out in this collection. Known styles like the work trouser underwent a complete revamp with a more luxurious fabric and an improved silhouette.

The Styles & Designs

Apart from always conveying the concept through graphics, the silhouettes also contribute to that cozy, comfortable feel and the right protection against “good” weather. The Technical Raincoat for example is a piece that showcases the concept in a conceptual/product way.

The Essence of the Collection

For this winter, we improved all our silhouettes, from our classic logo tee to the hoodies, jackets, and trousers. Every single style was touched and redone to ensure comfort is key. The general styling is loose, draped, and boxy to make sure you will always feel like you’re wearing your Sunday jogger suit.




Photography: Boris Lutters 

Light & Digi assistent: Django van Ardenne 

Videography: Kay van der Valk & Jaas Roeper 

Sound composer: David Coehorst 

Art direction: Esmée Majoor & Paul Zeper 

Hair & Make-up: Nataly Vasilchenko 

Hair & Make-up assitent: Xiaoxuan Li

Talents: Joy van Geerestein, Ruben Zonneveld & Isaiah Jonathas

Aw 24 - it’s a good day
AW24 Campaign "It's a good day". Our new collection is about to launch and here are some interesting insides about the concept, design choices and the essence of the new AW24 line.
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