03 December, 2021
Aw21 by rogier alexander

For our latest editorial we asked Rogier Alexander to shoot our team with the latest New Amsterdam Surf Association - AW21 BadHabits collection.



“Amsterdam is often seen as the original city of sin. A place where everything is allowed and none of the vices stay untouched.”


The AW21 collection concept takes its inspiration from stereotypical views on the city of Amsterdam. Especially people from other countries see Amsterdam as a place where everything is allowed. Before Corona it was very common to see people testing their party and substance abuse boundaries.

The view on this phenomenon as an Amsterdam local is the base for the AW21 collection. From the original human sin of the forbidden fruit up to the aftermath of a day and night in the city of Amsterdam.


Photography: Rogier Alexander

Styling: Senne Roeper

Team: Tisja Janssen / Natalia Kool / Aaron Tiekink / Jaas Roeper / Paul Zeper

Aw22 - thewind campaign video
For our new AW22 collection we choose a concept that is also the start off point of our addiction. The Wind! Where wind starts, so starts the build up of waves.
Nasa at paris fashion week
Impressions of New Amsterdam Surf Association at Paris Fashion Week.
Ss22 - wildlife by richard sahetapy
As a brand inspired by surfing a question we are commonly asked is: “Are you not afraid of sharks?”