24 July, 2023
Aw23 campaign

For our latest campaign we thought about shooting it in a setting we are very familiar to. We took all aw23 key pieces to the beach in Biarritz and shot our campaign with the surf team.




Photography: Jaas Roeper

Styling: Senne Roeper

Team: Mees Koch / Kay vd Valk / Ties Hevelt / Laurens van Balsfoort / Jaas Roeper / Senne Roeper / Niels Jalving / Ruben Zonneveld / Lars Jalving / Renzo Steffens

Paris summer '23
A weekend during Paris fashion week with the team, shot by Ruben Zonneveld
Aw23 campaign
The new AW23 campaign shot on the beach in Biarritz with the surf team.
Ss23 - a sea of steel campaign
Sitting in the water one would expect a form of peacefulness. Being one with the water and the surroundings, with only the sound of the waves.