24 February, 2024
Ballet x new amsterdam surf association

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Advocating the love for surf, Sydney based and surfer owned grip company BALLET and new school surf brand from the streets of Amsterdam New Amsterdam Surf Association collaborate in capsule collection to be launched March 2024.


The two surf communities share the same aesthetics and realness although on two different continents and surfing completely different circumstances. With strong matches of living surf in the city, a thriving and strong northern and southern hemisphere community with a mutual appreciation for high performance surf, made this long distance relationship to an inevitable one.

The collection will contain an artistic tailored suit matching the needs for city to surf wear, completed with classic check shirting and signature co-branded luxe jerseys. A pirouette leash and a black and a white antislip pro pad with its 2 branded logo artwork makes this collab into something that looks simply really good. 


The Hardware will be released next month. To shop the clothing collection click HERE



Cast: @ziarahjanssen / @connorlee444 / @lotushebbing / @renzosteffens / @joeyvanholland 


Surfers @meeskook / Jamie Krups


Director/Producer: @jaasroeper

Director/Producer: @katjangkay

Production manager: @esmeemajoor

Setdesign: Koen Heuber / @rikoride9

DOP: @jagershots 

AC: @stejikino

Gaffer: @jandelichtman

Geluid: @rob_kanters

Styling: @senneroeper 


Creative directors: Jamie Krups / @sebraubenheimer 

DOP: @harrydott


Edit: @katjangkay / @jaasroeper 

Sounddesign/mix: @rob_kanters

Composition: @offthewally

Graphics: @pat_final.jpg / @floriantrappel


Special thanks to @offtherichter and @studioferdinand

Our team trip to the uk
Let’s take a look at our latest surf team trip to the UK.
For our new collection we took tourism at heart by going to an island that blocks most of our surf swell, the United Kingdom. Here we linked with the team of Orienteer Magazine to travel to the country surf side of Cornwall to surf and shoot the campaign photos.
Ballet x new amsterdam surf association
The new collaboration between the Sydney based BALLET Grip Company and New Amsterdam SURFASSOCIATION.

New amsterdam in biarritz
Last summer we had the pleasure to co host the release of the new Acid magazine. The first release was in Paris and the second one in Biarritz together with Sunburn store. We also took the opportunity to get our feet wet and shoot a new video in and around the Basque town.