18 December, 2023
New amsterdam in biarritz


Last summer we had the pleasure to co host the release of the new Acid magazine. The first release was in Paris and the second one in Biarritz together with Sunburn store. We also took the opportunity to get our feet wet and shoot a new video in and around the Basque town.



Shot by:

Niels Jalving Ruben Zonneveld

Renzo Steffens

Kay vd Valk


Edited by:

Ruben Zonneveld


Music by:

Jaas Roeper


Team: Mees Koch / Ties Heetvelt / Jaas Roeper / Senne Roeper / Ruben Zonneveld / Kay vd Valk / Laurens van Balsfoort / Niels Jalving / Renzo Steffens / Lars Jalving

Aw 24 - it’s a good day
AW24 Campaign "It's a good day". Our new collection is about to launch and here are some interesting insides about the concept, design choices and the essence of the new AW24 line.
Store event 5th of april
Our team trip to the uk
Let’s take a look at our latest surf team trip to the UK.
For our new collection we took tourism at heart by going to an island that blocks most of our surf swell, the United Kingdom. Here we linked with the team of Orienteer Magazine to travel to the country surf side of Cornwall to surf and shoot the campaign photos.